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QIP Holder, LLC, doing business as Quiznos, is an American franchised fast-food restaurant brand based in Denver, Colorado, that specializes in offering toasted submarine sandwiches. It was founded in 1981 by Jimmy Lambatos and sold to Rick and Richard Schaden ten years later, before growing to nearly 5,000 restaurants afterwards. Quiznos was the second-largest submarine sandwich shop chain in North America, behind Subway. A 2016 survey indicated that Quiznos was the ninth-largest submarine sandwich shop chain based on sales. The publications Restaurant Business and Mashed.com reported in mid-2018 that Quizno had only 400 locations remaining by 2017 after a high of 4,700 locations in 2007 just a decade earlier, while, money.com reported in May 2018 that Quiznos had 1,500 locations across the U.S.

A former employee said this on Indeed "The owner of the business was very unfairly treated. The company did not help with any advertising or anything and left the business owner of the franchise to fend for herself. The owner of the Quiznos wasn't even able to get many of the brand products because they didn't have anyone to deliver it to the Quiznos store, so it was basically a local business but the owner still had to pay for the company she represented and it was completely screwed over many people".


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Former Employee - Cashier says

"Pay was less than desired"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Boss didn't want to give raises he would rather give raises to people who don't do their job and leave for day crew."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poor management don’t work here"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"having the business close and sutff"

Former Employee - Sandwich Artist says

"The owner of my location made fun of any and all minorities that walked through the door. Top down bad vibe."


"No help from franchise, no advertising, no support"

Part Time Crew Member says

"Although customers were rude at times, competition caused management to take stress out on the customers and employees (sometimes resulting in shouting matches and throwing insults). Management was indifferent towards new customers yet welcoming to regulars. Having different methods to completing the same job was not respected. Every aspect of the crew member's work was micromanaged even if the scrutinizing wasn't beneficial for the business. Management used different prices and meat amounts for sandwiches than what was recommended by the company manual. Management took morning shifts away from crew members, so I was only able to work 5-10 hours per week (15 if I was lucky). Also, employees only being able to go to sites like this to comment on Quiznos restaurants is a con."


"it's all about the money. Franchisor tries to rip off the store owners and it all trickles downhill."

Former Employee - Franchisee says

"Quiznos is broken at the top. Do not buy a franchise with this company unless something dramatically changes which seems unlikely at this point. Food costs are really high for the industry, transaction counts are really low for the industry. This brand is in serious trouble (5000 stores in 2008, ~500 stores as of early 2016)."

Current Employee - Franchise Consultant says

"The new CEO has no involvement. It's almost like he was put in place to close the company. Very low pay for the industry. Ineffective support for the field."

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"Sinking ship, do not work here. I was promised many things by the area manager and none of them panned out in the time that I was here. It is a career limiting move to work here. nothingeverything"

Director (Former Employee) says

"Hard place to work especially for little pay . Constantly changing executive team who fail to learn from mistakes of the past. Low pay, long hours, very few benefits"

Moses Lake- Manager/Trainer (Former Employee) says

"The owner of the business was very unfairly treated. The company did not help with any advertising or anything and left the business owner of the franchise to fend for herself. The owner of the Quiznos wasn't even able to get many of the brand products because they didn't have anyone to deliver it to the Quiznos store, so it was basically a local business but the owner still had to pay for the company she represented and it was completely screwed over many people."

Crew Member (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work, no training, sexist rude demading boss, forced to work when very sick, health and employ safety not followed, unsanitary, same boss owns both Dartmouth crossing and Halifax Quiznos."

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"Stay far away from the Quiznos at BWI Airport. All the owners care about is money. They dont care salaried employees work 12 and 13 hour days. Ask for vacation and request days off they would all be denied. The District Manager is a Tryant."

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"It’s a chill job, you make sandwiches and not a lot of side work. Not a bad job for a part time student to make income while going to school. Management not the best"

Sandwich Artist (Former Employee) says

"Absolutely miserable. Both locations I worked at went out of business. The food kinda sucked and the prices were too high. Almost every customer complained. Managers always cut corners to save a buck while the store crumbled.noneworking there"

Making sandwiches (Former Employee) says

"It was a nice job but they permanent closed down and move somewhere else got along with people with no problem it was very easy kind of slower nice people a respectful"

Shift Leader (Current Employee) says

"I would only recommend to high school students. This is not really a job that has helped me advance in my career as I need to as a man. Not bad for a start off job."

Team Member (Former Employee) says

"Think a lot of restaurants forget theirname and think only about money. Theses players really need to focus on the dining experience and their customers and employees"

Sandwich Artist/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"I would not work there ever again. The boss accused me of something I would never do in my life. It was my first ever job, and the only thing I thank them for is them giving me experience and showing me how things work.We got 50% off of the sandwichesPay was not good, the boss I knew didn’t want to pay anyone very gree"

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"I help build this store into the highest grossing store on the west coast inside of two mouths! As pay back the company change there plans and sold the store! With no compensation not even a thank you. there is no reason that iI could say anything about this company that would suggest anyone work for them or buy into there franchise!!!!there are no pros, they paid for a week in denver.he company only cares for the owners of the corporation!"

Team Member (Former Employee) says

"Lazy environment, lazy expectations. Stressful demands. Slow unproductive hours. Did not have a good experience with management and work was not taken seriously. Cleanliness expectations were low."

Food Prep (Former Employee) says

"They laid me off the day i was supposed to work. I didnt receive any call or notice as to what was taking place which was bizzare because i came ready to work and i got laid off."

Crew Leader (Former Employee) says

"Only stayed here a few months. I was still in high school when I worked here. Cool place to work if your still in school. Easy job. Just making sandwiches and passing them down the line.Discounts on food.Poor management; working hours"

Cook/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"I worked here for a while and it was terrible the management was rude for no reason and was not very responsible. Most of the people hired weren't capable or did not do there jobs things were never done properly. Overall the location was very disorganized.DiscountsShort breaks, no one ever did their job."

Commis au service à la clientèle (Former Employee) says

"On se sent plutôt comme concierge, que commis à la réception."

Food Prep/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"It was a slow paced environment.A typical day would be coming in at 6pm and cleaning dishes for an hour .Business is pretty slow until around closing time at around 8 .The enjoyable part was being able to see new faces everyday.No breaks"

Shift Leader (Former Employee) says

"The manager chosen completely ran this place into the ground. I helped open the location and we were #1 for months. 3 short years later the location was completely closed. She was awful. The crew consisted of her, her husband, her daughter, her daughters boyfriend and a few other employees. This situation was obviously very hostile and drama filled. Even after a promotion the pay was horrid and not worth what I was exposed to daily.Management, Pay"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company went bankrupt a few years ago and all of the stores are closed down or about to close. The head of the company was not allowing to many changes."

Thiago says

"I had it both ways with Quiznos sometimes really fresh ingredients that make me drool for more and other times, quite rare but it happened, it seems like they served the remains of the day.

3 stars for the good days!"